About Us

Thank you for visiting Maya Freya!
My Name is Iben and I own Maya Freya.
I started Maya Freya in August 2018, but it was not until the summer 2019 that we could finally start shipping our first orders.
Since our launch everything has been going really fast. Our leggings have been received incredibly well by our customers and we strive to constantly create new beautiful and unique designs.

We offer a wide range of unique, fun, empowering patterns, and we always make sure our leggings & capris are in good quality. In that way you can always be sure that you feel comfortable no matter what design you choose.

We are always with you all the way from start to finish, and we make sure that you can always get in touch with us if you experience any troubles along the way.

All our leggings & capris are suitable for everyday use and workouts. We look forward to sending you a pair of stylish leggings! 🤩
All the best,